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Why the Name Resurrect?

By Eva Restad




1. restore (a dead person) to life

2. revive the practice, use, or memory of (something); bring new vigor to.

Ever since Kate was a teenager, she dreamed of opening up a shop like Resurrect and knew even then that “Resurrect” would be the perfect name. In addition, to being a magical, witchy word, it's a pretty good description of our practices here.

We've sought out designers who aren't afraid to resurrect vintage styles and materials. Jil Cappuccio is a local designer who uses vintage fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the fashion of the 50’s, like the Slim Jay Button-up Shirt and the Housecoat Zip Dress. Another wonderful local designer, Field Day, combines timeless designs and details, like their signature brass buttons that go all the way up their simple, yet elegant Sheet Dress (which was originally made from recycled bedsheets!). Field Day uses fabric and materials that are either reclaimed or locally-sourced and their entire line is designed, cut, sewn, dyed and finished in Oakland.

Many of our vendors bring dead materials back to life. Tonlé is our favorite zero waste fashion brand. They use scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers to make their beautiful dresses, pants and tops. We also carry awesome, unisex bags and wallets from Evenodd, a rad company that uses recycled bicycle inner tubes and other re-purposed materials.

But most of all we try our best to revive the practice of ethical fashion. We partner with sustainable companies that are made in the USA or stand by fair trade principles, intentionally seeking out local designers, and vendors that give back to their communities and to the planet. We try to connect with our local and global communities, and provide an authentic experience for our lovely customers.

Let generic shopping, careless business practices, and fast-fashion stay dead. Bring "new vigor" to your closet by shopping at Resurrect!

Eva Restad is an artist, musician, and fairy shaman who lives right off of Piedmont Avenue. She also works at Resurrect. Eva is currently offering sliding scale tarot readings, guided meditations, and personalized ritual prescriptions. You can contact her at and find out more about her at these links:


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