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Eva's Piedmont Avenue Picks

Many of you have explored the wonders that Piedmont Avenue offers and others may find a few new gems on this list. Resurrect employee and neighbor, Eva Restad, takes us on a journey to her favorite neighborhood spots along with a guided meditation for exploring them.

Best place to get lost: Chapel of the Chimes

Your deep intuition guides you through this sacred labyrinth. You reach a room where a wave of peace flows over you. This is your restful place. Sit, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and notice your breath. All thoughts seem unimportant and fall away. Breathe in, breathe out. Open your eyes and see your name on many of the urns all around you. Gain perspective on life and death. Realize how all life is connected and let go of ego completely. On the way out notice the name of the chapel you were in and the synchronicity that it’s the perfect word for what you needed.

Chapel of the Chimes.jpg

Best place for a bath: Piedmont Springs

As you rest and recover in the hot water there’s a certainty that Oakland is some kind of nexus of magic, and the very spot you’re in must have been blessed by spirits beyond human comprehension or concepts of time. Let the sacred waters cast a love spell on you and wash away all that is not serving you along with any tension you’ve been holding in your physical body. Once you feel cleansed and completely at ease, this energy of acceptance and compassion projects out of you, exponentially growing as it connects and spreads to all life on this planet.


Best place for (un)birthday cake: Timeless Coffee

Why celebrate just once per year when you can can enjoy 364 unbirthdays? Each moment you’re not dwelling in the past or future, you’re reborn in the present moment. Acknowledge your birth with cake and other sweet, savory and drinkable treats at this vegan coffee shop full of beautiful people (and beautiful dogs.) P.S. Their Birthday Cake is great on actual birthdays too.


Best place to get ingredients for a blood moon ritual: Resurrect

All your senses are activated, even the scent in the space gives you mental clarity and a deep knowing. You’re intuitively drawn toward a piece of jewelry as if magnetically pulled. The closer you get to this item the stronger you can feel it’s energy. This is your totem. The shapes, colors and materials are timeless symbols, fractals of wisdom that you unconsciously absorb. You wear this while you perform the following ritual:

Choose an outfit that makes you feel powerful yet open. Hold a crystal to your heart, light sage or scented candle, drink a few drops from the appropriate tincture, and ring a bell. Envision the elements surrounding and permeating you, filling you with confidence and calm. Using a notebook that’s special to you, write down all the qualities you want to increase in your life. Burn the paper over a fire safe bowl. Mix the ashes with a bit of your favorite essential oil blend. Bathe your new totem in this mixture, and embody your chosen qualities whenever you wear it.

Eva Restad is an artist, musician, and fairy shaman who lives right off of Piedmont Avenue. She is also the newest hire at Resurrect. Eva is currently offering sliding scale tarot readings, guided meditations, and personalized ritual prescriptions. You can contact her at and find out more about her at these links:



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